• Isis Rodriguez


Updated: Dec 17, 2020

In the old days, let's say back in the 80's when I was in art school, we were taught to use 1 part damar varnish, 1 part linseed oil to 1 part turpentine into a glass jar and shake it up to mix it well. This would be our "medium" and our solvent was turpentine. But with new advancements in oils, students need to know is that Winsor Newton Liquin is damar varnish and linseed oil rolled into one. And this is new "medium". It is now compatible to the solvent Odorless Mineral Spirits and not turpentine.

The Liquin can be mixed into your oil colors and the applied directly to primed canvas or primed wood panels. Brushes can be cleaned with odorless mineral spirits. It is the most efficient way to paint these days. The liquin dries in 24 hours or less, depending on the climate, giving the student the power to finish a painting in 3 days to 1 week, meeting important deadlines.

Just purchase a small bottle of say, 250ml of Winsor Newton Liquin ,and this size will last about 2-3 months if you are working on several paintings between sizes 9"x12" to 18"x24".

Go with Gamblin Odorless Mineral Spirits as this is what I use to insure the best. Buy a litre to start with. I will be posting more videos on how to use Liquin properly. Get on my mailing list to be the first to view it!

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